Teaching a labrador puppy to Swim

To teach your Labrador Pup to swim, take them out into the water to about thigh depth. Make sure another person remains on shore. Place one hand directly under the belly of your Lab and the other hand at the base of his tail. Talk and encourage your pup while you lower him down into the water, but don’t release your hold on him. As he makes contact with the water, your Lab pup will begin to move his paws in a paddling motion. Keep praising him.

As he begins to paddle, you can remove the hand from underneath the belly. Continue to hold on to his tail to keep his back end level. Give him lots of enthusiastic encouragement and praise. When you think your pup is ready swim, signal to the person on the shore to start calling the pup to come to them. As soon as your Lab is responding to the person on shore and begins paddling, release your hold and let him go to the other person on the shore. Follow closely so that you can rescue him from the water if he stops paddling. Praise him and give him with a treat if he successfully reaches the shore. Repeat this lesson and increase the distance from the shore each time.