Prey Drive

Prey drive is 'motivation' and it is the (ancient) instinct in a dog to chase and capture prey. Today, this term is associated with the play & training. The modern dog is not a predator. It describes the level of inclination a dog has toward the elements of working, training and playing. A dog with high prey drive will be a wonderful training partner. Labrador puppies generally have high prey drive. They are 'Gun Dogs'. And this is borne out in their desire to tug and retrieve from the time they can walk. However, if you do not train a 'high drive dog' they will be a handful. Just ask the RSPCA. High prey drive and a lack of training is the main reason that people 'dump' their pet. Teaching you puppy to 'play tug' will channel prey drive toward 'retrieving and competing'. Let your puppy win,...mostly. Stimulate this drive and then direct it towards obedience and agility training.