The Lure, Mark and Reward Dog Training’ method is the best way to teach your dog new behaviors. 

I begin this training when a puppy is 8 weeks old. They are a ‘blank sheet’,...a sponge for learning. 

Contrary to the saying,...

‘you CAN teach an OLD DOG new tricks’.

It is certainly the best way to teach your pup, infact, any dog, to walk at heel. And it’s never to late to try this dog training method.

The ‘Lure, Mark and Reward Dog Training’ method uses a ‘treat’ to lure your dog into different positions. Hold a treat in front of your dog’s nose, then slowly move your hand to manoeuvre your dog into any position you want. 

The treat acts like a target for your dogs nose. And their body will follow their nose. For example, if you want him to ‘sit’, move the treat up and over his head. As they look up at the treat, their rear will go down, to the ground. 

It works for positions like ‘drop/down’. And for movements such as ‘stand’, ‘finish’ & ‘spin’.

If you want your dog to ‘spin’, move the treat counter clockwise in a circle. After your dog completes the behaviour, mark that behaviour (yes) and reward them so that they know they did what you wanted.

I suggest 20 repetitions with a food reward and your dog will get it. Your dog is beginning to understand ‘behaviour & reward’. If you are patient, you will see your dog beginning to ‘think’. And the best thing is that you will be able to measure and track your dogs progress. 

As a labrador breeder and dog trainer, I swear by this dog training method.