If you want your dog to walk at heel, luring will be your best training option.

When you first lure your dog, it will quite naturally assume that you are offering something to eat.

It will naturally try to take the food treat from your hand. You will want to use this 'drive' to direct your dogs energy into a training exercise. 

If your dog is 'food driven', a piece of kibble as a 'low value reward' may be sufficient as the 'target'. Otherwise, a small piece of sausage or cheese should be adequate as a 'high value reward'. 

Think of a lure as the trail and the food treat as the ‘target’,... and 'reward'. If you want your dog to follow your lure, you need to give them a signal.

Stand either beside or in front of your dog and approach the dog’s nose with your left hand to commence the lure.

Offer the food treat from the flat of your hand, holding the food between your thumb and forefinger.   If your dog is very food driven and tries to snatch the treat food from your hand, withdraw the food by closing your fist, and moving your hand away. 

To commence the 'lure', move your left hand towards the dog’s nose then move the 'target' a short distance. When the dog approaches your hand,...'Mark' (confirm) the movement with 'YES' & reward the dog with the treat. 

The first step is to 'lure' your dog to follow the 'target' and move his head towards your hand.

Mark and reward your dog Immediately when it moves its nose in the direction of the target. 

YES is the reward marker by which you let the dog know that they are doing the right thing.

Follow the marker with the (treat) reward within 1 second of marking the behaviour. Mark and reward any behaviour you want from your dog.


Luring your dog is the centre piece of 'Reward Based Training'.

LURING the most effective way to teach your dog new behaviors. It is easy and fun for both dog and handler. Your dog will learn new behaviours very quickly with this training.


Remember that your dog's primary sense is 'Scent'. And luring is utilising this drive to teach them new behaviours and positions. 


Your dog will always follow the scent and therefore its nose. And the rear end will naturally follow.  

Luring with food is basic scent training. The treat / reward based training involves the use of a food lure to guide the dog into the position or behavior.  The lure becomes the reward.


Place your hand and the treat at the end of dog’s nose and then guide the nose upwards. As you raise your hand say 'Sit'. The dog will automatically lower its rear and sit down in order to follow the treat.

The luring will help you identify what your dog likes. If your dog isn’t motivated by food, you can use a toy instead.


Immediately your dogs rear hits the ground say 'YES'

When the lure is complete, use a verbal marker,...'yes',... about 1 second before you release the treat. 

This lure is completed by a 'marker & a treat'. 

Your dog will quickly learn that 'yes' means treats.