Establishing Routine for your new labrador puppy


Labradors puppies are excitable. When you meet your pup first thing in the morning, they will be very so thrilled to see you. You can control & channel this enthusiasm by taking them through a daily structured routine. We suggest that you take your Labrador pup through a basic obedience / training routine at each feeding time & particularly first thing in the morning. Likewise, when you meet them later in the day, take your pup through its routine. Labradors love structure and they live to please.

What is the message that you are conveying to your Labrador puppy? Have you thought about what you are communicating them? Most people begin the day with a show of affection and this is great for bonding. However, you need to establish and maintain structure and routine. This will confirm your leadership at the first meeting of the day. Your Labrador will be a much more secure and settled pet if you take the role of pack leader with calm and assertive commands.

To do this, you should go through your 'sit - stay' & 'drop - stay' routine along with 'recall  / come' routine before you reward them with food. When you make your pup earn their food, they will feel great about themselves and their relationship with you. By this means you have a controlled occasion. Everyone in the household should participate in this leadership role. If you keep the expressions of exuberant affection until after your short training routine you will control the 'mouthy, chewing' problems. Structured routines works to redirect the pups enthusiasm.

Reinforcing good behavior

As your pup matures and their growth plates, bones and joints set, you will be able to take them for extended walks. When you begin routine walking, make sure that you have intermittent training exercises. We recommend that you take a long and short leash with you on walks. Reward your pups with treats when they are successful, even if they did not know it. This will reinforce the pattern of behaviour. Remember that dogs learn by conditioning and reinforcing good behavior. Labradors are rarely ever oppositional but they are playful. Don't confuse these two things.

We recommend that you develop a structured and consistent routine first thing each morning, this will set you up as the leader. You are the authority figure in your puppy's life. If you want to have a well behaved dog then you must become the pack leader.