Exercising Your Labrador pup

Labrador puppies need exercise

Understanding dog psychology is not complex. For all creatures, fear and distress are the primary factors that cause uncertainty and instability. This is why calmness and consistency are so important. Labradors follow calm leaders. If you are not calm, then your dog will not be calm either. If you set the rule for your dog, then you have to be consistent and enforce that rule every time. Otherwise, your dog will become confused. If you aren’t consistent, the dog will test the limits of what they can get away with.

Your dog is eager to please and, without rules and limits, they will become distressed and possibly fearful. Your dog will not be a confident and comfortable dog expressing normal behavior. You are the master, whether you want to be or not. Your new pup needs to see you this way and only this way. This does not mean that you are a cruel task master. However you need to reinforce your dominance with structure and discipline. You will do this by giving clear and consistent messages. Only then will you be able to direct the pack. If you are the pack leader then you are your lab's closest friend.

The key is exercise

You will need to exercise you labrador puppy to bring structure and discipline. This will settle them and reinforce the same calm and peaceful state that we all achieve after exercise. For your new labrador pup to grow up as a happy creature, it has to be psychologically balanced. If your pup is anxious, their mind will not rest. An anxious or bored dog will dig holes everywhere. They will start barking at shadows, chewing everything in sight, and chasing bicycles and cars. This is why exercise is so important. It relaxes the mind and expends excess energy so your dog can then enjoy the comfort and affection you provide.

Remember that discipline means teaching a dog to follow the rules. I suggest that you train your dog to sit calmly while you prepare her food. Begin by feeding them on a leash. Do not allow a labrador pup to touch the food bowl until you give the command 'OK' or similar. This way the pup works for the food. Labs are always pleased with their obedience. In their natural setting, dogs work for their food and want to please the pack leader. Teaching the labrador pup to sit before eating builds their self-esteem and morale. Eventually, the young dog will sit to attention, eager to please and waiting for the command. This is very rewarding.