As a new Labrador pup owner, a large crate is one of the best investments that you can make. Remember that for the first 24 weeks of your pups life they will sleep for 16 hrs a day. While allowing for a proper bonding process, your should not be afraid to put your pup in the crate. Cover each side except the front with a cover / visual barrier. And don't be intimidated by the pup screaming. They must learn to be alone.

And your new pup needs a place to hide away. I recommend a med/lge crate. Placing a blank over the crate to turn it into a 'den'. If you crate train your pup, your will have no trouble taking your mature dog with you to new places. They will happily sleep in their crate wherever you go.

Attach a 900mm 'EXERCISE PEN' to form a kind of courtyard for your pup.