Stud Services - $2100

Stud Services for Registered Breeding Bitches

Our purebred chocolate Labrador Retriever stud dogs 'Firefield Samson' & 'Barak - Lacote Craftsman' are available for mating with your registered and approved bitch. Barak is a large boy & Samson is a medium sized boy, both with outstanding physical structure, excellent temperament, being highly intelligent, obedience trained to Level 5 .  They are both exceptionally affectionate dogs, great with strangers & children.

Fertility Tested Oct 16

Our boys are proven stud dogs having produced dozens of litters averaging 8 pups. Samson & Barak have been fertility tested Oct 17. 


What constitutes a litter?

It is breeder standard that "two live puppies" is a litter. Please note that the size of the litter is generally determined by the fertility of the bitch. However, a free return mating on the next season is offered if your bitch produces two live puppies or less. Please contact us to arrange for your female to be serviced by this outstanding stud dog. We take the management of our breeding program very seriously.